Elven Wizard


A slight, Moon Elf, roughly 5’7" in height with gold eyes, pale blue skin, and white hair.


Beric was born to a Moon Elf mother in the Elven enclave of Silverymoon. He remembers nothing of his childhood and told nothing of his actual father. He first memories are of the village of Oakburn, where his mother settled shortly after his birth. She feel in love with the future Reeve and Mayor of Oakburn, Cenbald Berg. His brother, Alkolis, was born shortly thereafter.

While never abused or overtly mistreated as a child, Beric nontheless possesses a chip on his shoulder. Cernbald was a rather cold and distant figure in Beric’s life, preferring instead to lavish attention and affection upon Alkolis. In a predominantly human village, Beric is an outisder due to his Elven parentage. While rarely overtly bullied or mistreated on account of his race, he knows he will never be viewed as a true participant in the Oakburn community. Further, he has spent his developmental years facing the certainty that upon his mother’s death, he will have no place in the village. Alkolis is Cernbald’s heir, and stands to inherit everything the man leaves behind. Beric has no future inheritance and expects very little from the future. He yearns for the day when he can leave this village behind, praying to Lathander, the Morninglord, for a new beginning.

For as long as he has remained in the village, Beric, however, has desperately craved the attention and admiration of his peers. While essentially good at heart, this desire has led him to act out in destructive ways. Around Beric’s fifteenth year of existence, Cernbald became mayor of Oakburn. In gratitude for the wealth and prestige he had accumulated over the years, Cernbald erected a shrine in town to Tymora – the goddess of fortune. Beric, in a fit of youthful exuberance and following an argument with his adoptive father, defaced the shrine in the dead of night. He scrawled obscenities over the effigy of Tymora, drank a bottle of sacramental wine left at the shrine, and pissed in it. The townsfolk awoke the next morning to find Beric drunk and passed out only a few feet from his handiwork.

To the surprise of no one, he was soon expelled from the family household. Beric’s mother found him an apprenticeship with Stryhar, an old acquaintance. The old wizard lives in a tower several kilometers from the edge of the village. Beric sleeps at night in a nearby cabin on Stryhar’s property and attends to the wizard’s every whim during the day. In exchange for Beric’s services, the wizard has begun to train the young elf in the arcane arts.

In the years since taking up an apprenticeship with Stryhar, Beric has thrown his energy into study. Beric’s banishment from the village has been lifted, but he has seen no need to return. His mother visits him weekly, and he has no particular attachment to his adoptive father or his irresponsible half-brother.

Today, Beric’s primary focus has been placed on helping Stryhar conduct magical experiments on a blade of potential importance. Shortly before Beric came to work for him, Stryhar traveled to Baldur’s Gate folowing the defeat of Torlin Silvershield, the Chosen of Baahl. Stryhar had learned through a contact in the Flaming Fist mercenary company of the existence of a sacrificial dagger used by Torlin to make sacrifices to Baahl, the Lord of Murder. The blade had been lost in the chaos of Torlin’s brief reign and fall.

Stryhar bribed guards to smuggle the item out of the city and has since, with Beric’s limited assistance, worked on unlocking its secrets. So far, Stryarh’s experiments have yielded results of limited significance. Beric is unconvinced that the elderly wizard wasn’t simply duped when he purchased the unassuming dagger. However, he respects the old man for his knowledge of the arcane and has voiced no objections to the wizard’s course of action.


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