Infernal Wardens

Episode 19
Assault on Frog Castle
Episode 18
Swampland Caravan
Episode 17
Get off Vampire Island
Episode 16
Salty Sea Shanty
Episode 15
Bad Touch! Bad Touch!
Episode 14
Baldur's Gate Underground
Episode 13
Rolling on the River
Episode 12
Shadow Demons and Golden Elves

Fhezik sat on an old wooden bench staring into the passing crowd as its figures shifted and swayed liked the grasses on the plains outside of Oakburn. The blue light from Elturel’s protective beacon cast a light on them not unlike that of a full moon.

“All these lives passing by and no knowledge of the horrors that wait fer ‘em just outside their borders,” he said knowingly as he looked over to the man beside him.

“No doubt ‘bout that”, came Fhezik’s reply to the man’s unspoken comment. “We were damn near killed by those shadow demons outside of town, but the evil that lurks in men’s hearts be more dangerous by far. Jus’ look what happened the moment we passed through those gates there,” he said as he motioned towards the fortified gates of Elturel. “Ambushed by dark men seeking to profit from killin’ the golden stag.”

“We beat ‘em back sure, but seems to be no respite these days.” Unwittingly, his hand clasp around the glistening Shell of Yam hanging from around his neck. “It gives one pause, …it surely does,” he murmured as the city guards hoisted the last of the thug’s bodies from the street before heaving it onto a wagon already stacked with the corpses of his accomplices.

“Is there any good left in anybody out there,” Fhezik asked as he scanned the passing crowd, “or is everyone just out fer themselves these days?” His meek inquiry was quickly lost to the hustling noise of the busy street.

“Perhaps in yer days things weren’t quite so complicated. Maybe they were simpler,” he posited while casting a glance beside him.

“Probably not,” he answered himself. “A hell of a lot went down in yer lifetime if me dad’s stories are to be believed. I cannot say I’d like to have been there to see it.”

“But seems to me that you’ve seen too little for a fella yer age,” Fhezik went on, motioning to the man beside him. “Ye missed most of it, I imagine, livin’ in that run down keep fer all those years. Doesn’t seem rightly fair to me.”

He paused for a moment, thinking to himself. “Maybe one day I can remedy that fer ye.”

With that, he reached over beside him, scooped up the pouch containing Theodriel’s dusty remains, and tucked them into his pocket.

Revelations: Theodriel was ancient and well-past even the elongated lifespans of the elves.

Things We Did: Escorted Theodriel to the Tower of the Mages where Madame Bethel broke his curse. In parting, he gave us his Bag of Holding and all its contents as a reward for getting him safely to Elturel. He then quickly deteriorated to ashes and dust due to his extreme age. Everyone cursed with lycanthrope was given a potion to cure them. Everyone took theirs except for Alkolis, who seems to be toying with the idea of being a werewolf.

Tasks Completed: Safely escorted Theodriel to Elturel and had his curse lifted.

New Tasks: Find Leosin and secure passage to Baldur’s Gate.

Mysteries Solved: None.

New Mysteries: None

Rewards: 2500 cp, 500 s, 110 g; Bag of Holding, 4 pieces of ancient jewelry (25 gold each), 2 Potions of Healing, 3 arcane scrolls (Rope Trick, Poison Spray, Witchbolt), Potion of Climbing; 900 XP; Pouch of Theodriel’s ash/dust remains (Fhezik)

Episode 11
Teen Wolf vs. the Golden Stag

“This isn’t the way that I prefer to do things, lad”, Fhezik said as he pulled the ropes tight around the hands and feet of a naked Alkolis, “but I’m quite honest out of ideas.”

“This is an injustice,” cried Alkolis as he rolled over to look up at Fhezik and the others. “A crime against my family name! Don’t you know who I am?”

“Aye, I do,” came Fhezik’s reply. “Yer the one who damn near killed the one we swore to protect,” he said looking over at Theodriel, the cursed elf in the form of a majestic golden stag.

“What are you talking about?”, asked Alkolis. “I have not attacked anyone. I have been resting here in the grass all evening, enjoying the night air.”

“Yer naked”, observed Fhezik.

“Well…yes”, began Alkolis slowly. “All those of high birth enjoy the elements in such a way. I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

“And the fact that you attacked the golden stag, cursed elf fella…?”, asked Fhezik leadingly.

“Wasn’t me.”

“We all saw ye turn into a bloody wolf-monstrosity!”, stammered Fhezik, his impatience clearly showing. “If it wasn’t ye, as ye say, who in the nine hells could it have been?”

“I couldn’t say”, came Alkolis’ reply. “I was here, resting in the grass.”

“No ya weren’t!”, came Fhezik’s aggravated reply. “We all saw ye change”, he said motioning to the others around him, who all nodded their heads in approval.

From his position on the ground, Alkolis looked around those circling him to each party member in turn, searching hard for an ally. Finally, he inhaled deeply and let out a long sigh before saying, “It is true then, it is as I feared.”

Fhezik leaned down and placed his hand reassuringly on Alkolis’ shoulder. “It’s alright, son. We will make sure this…”, began Fhezik’s emphatic consolation.

“You are all deceived by a powerful wizard’s grand illusion”, Alkolis cut him off.

“What?!” Fhezik could not believe what he just heard.

“Yes, I have suspected it for some time,” came Alkolis’ reply as he looked up at Fhezik with a stare of unbelievable seriousness. His voice dropped to a whisper. “Don’t let him fool you”, he said, his eyes glancing towards Beric. “He is a far more powerful illusionist that you can imagine, and he has always been jealous of me.”

Fhezik was stunned for a moment by what he was hearing. “Have you lost yer fuckin’ mind?”, he finally said. “We aren’t all deceived by some mage’s trickery, nor is yer brother behind it.”

“I feared you would say that”, came his reply. “You are too deeply mesmerized to see the truth. Free me and I will do my best to unravel that schemers sinister illusions.”

“Yer bloody daft is what you are. We all saw you change. We all saw you attack Theodriel the cursed stag elf-fella”, was all Fhezik could retort.

“No you didn’t,” Alkolis stated flatly.

“YES, WE DID!”, Fhezik shouted as he gestured wildly at the others for confirmation.

“Wasn’t me.”

Revelations: Encountered Theodriel, a cursed elf, in a ruined tower. He is cursed to turn into a beautiful golden stag if he leaves the entrance to the tower. He has tried leaving several times, but local hunters have seen him and prize him for his golden coat. He is terrified to leave for fear he will be killed by the hunters.

Tasks Completed: None

New Tasks: Escort Theodriel (as a stag) to the town of Elturel safely so that he may have his curse removed.

Mysteries Solved: Yes, it is clear now that Alkolis is cursed as a werewolf.

Mysteries: Who cursed Theodriel and why?

Rewards: 450 XP

Episode 10
Lyra's Rescue

“They mean well, ye know,” Fhezik reassured her as he sat atop a worn stone staring out across the plains towards Oakburn. Behind him Lyra Berg stood waist deep in the stream washing the filth of the past few days from her elven frame.

“I know that,” she replied with the hint of a sigh in her voice. “But they are foolish and reckless. Alkolis could have easily gotten all of you killed by entering the camp in such a manner. Those masks are altogether evil. Using them as a disguise is dangerous at best and could cost you your soul at worst.”

“Aye, that’s true,” said Fhezik as he reached down and plucked a long blade of grass from between his feet. “But his plan worked and now we know where they are headed with the other ladies. Thanks to his quick wit, yer now free and soon, so too will be the others, Yam willing.”

“Did you ever suspect?” she asked as she rang the water from the tips of her hair.

“About the sorcery? Aye, I suspected. Over me travels I’ve leart that most elves know a little. But, I’ll admit, yer a fair bit more practiced than I imagined. Given Beric’s talents I should’ve assumed as much.”

“Your rather perceptive for a dwarf,” she said flatly. “In my experience, most of your kind are rather obtuse.”

Fhezik knew that her haughtiness came with the territory, so he easily dismissed it without taking offense. “I like people,” he replied as he flicked the blade of grass out into the wind. “Yam calls upon me to have a care for others and their needs. That requires paying attention to folks.”

“What of Beric then? Have you paid any attention to him? What are his needs?”, she asked in a condescending, but loving way.

“The boy is lost”, Fhezik replied with a heavy heart. The wind caught the blade of grass and he watched as it was carried up high over the grasslands. “He has no direction so he grasps at anything that will give him meanin’. The dagger of Bhaal that is permanently affixed in his hand should be proof enough of that.”

“I had nothing to do with that. I warned him,” came her somewhat heated retort as she stepped out onto the stream’s bank to retrieve her clothes. Fhezik could tell that she took his words personally, though he did not mean them as such.

“Aye, ya did. But if he is to be believed, he was manipulated easily enough by someone posin’ as ye in his dreams to make him do it. Ye could say, he did it for you…however misguided it was.”

“Now see here, dwarf!” Lyra was as emotional as Fhezik had ever seen her. Still pulling her robe on, she stepped directly in front of him so that she could look down on him. “You are no sage. You know nothing of my children. Do not presume to pass off Yam’s wisdom as some profundity. I once thought you wise, but I see now you are merely a fool. Is it not time for you to be leaving to catch the caravan with the prisoners that is headed towards Baldur’s Gate? Perhaps you should expend the limits of your modest intellect preparing for that encounter,” she said as she pointed a finger at his nose for emphasis.

With that, she turned and left him in silence to look out over the grasslands once more. Out in the distance, the blade of grass that had once been carried so high by the wind fell into the grasses and disappeared.

Revelations: The gnolls have crated up the women and are sending them to Baldur’s Gate in a human caravan to avoid suspicion.

Tasks Completed: We saved Lyra Berg, Alkolis’ and Beric’s Mom!!

New Tasks: Travel to Eltherell and meet with Leosin Erlanthar to gain quick passage to Baldur’s Gate so that we can head off the gnoll caravan.

Mysteries Solved: The gnolls are sending the captives to Baldur’s Gate.

Mysteries: Why are the gnolls taking them to Baldur’s Gate?

Rewards: 550 xp.


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